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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monsey dad accused of leaving 2-year-old in hot, parked car for 2 hours

MONSEY — A Monsey man believed to have left his 2-year-old daughter inside a parked car for two hours during Friday's record-breaking heat is facing misdemeanor endangerment charges.

The girl was taken to Nyack Hospital about 2 p.m. after one of her parents called Hatzolah Ambulance to report the girl had been left in the vehicle as it was parked in their driveway, Ramapo police Detective Sgt. Brian Corbett said. The toddler was not seriously harmed during the incident.

Corbett said police believe the windows to the car had been cracked open. The detective was not sure if the girl had been fastened in a car seat or if she was free to move about.

Police arrived at the hospital's emergency room, where an investigation led to the arrest of the girl's father, Joel Stein, 31, of West Maple Ave.

Corbett said Stein's alleged actions appear to have been inadvertent .

"He had been running errands, got back to the house and forgot that he had left his daughter in the car," Corbett said.

Police were unsure of what temperatures were reached inside the car, but according to Accuweather, temperatures in the hamlet reached between 94 and 97 degrees during the two-hour stretch from 12 and 2 p.m. Real feel temperatures in the area were between 107 and 109 degrees.

Stein was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and second-degree reckless endangerment, misdemeanors.

A telephone message left at his West Maple Avenue home Friday evening was not returned.

Stein was released without bail. He is to appear in Ramapo Town Court at 2 p.m. Aug. 2.

Corbett said the girl was later released from Nyack Hospital to the custody of her parents. Investigation into the case remains ongoing.

Ramapo police were assisted by Rockland's Child Protective Services office.


  1. Gut vuch everybody!!!
    At first I wanted to blame the father of this girl and lash him out,but then I thought to myself that you can judge a person until you're in his situation, I would never make such a mistake , but you never know we're all human beings, and human beings make mistakes

  2. Do not judge others until you're in their shoes. I once rushed to buy gas on the way to pick up medicine for my wife who was very ill at the time. It was only later when I saw that I had a certain amount of money in wallet that I realized that in my preoccupation with my wife's condition I had never paid for the gas. I went back, apologized, and paid, but people do make mistakes and until you know what was going on in his life you cannot judge him intentionally negligent. B"H the child is fine. I'm sure it will never happen again.

  3. Really it's pathetic and frightening. If you start forgetting your kids in a car on a scorching hot summer day, it's nature's way of telling you that you made way too many kids to be taking care of them all with great care. Americans take care of their house pets with greater concern and care than this father. Naturally you don't forget a precious child in a car especially during a blizzard or a heat wave. I'm sure this dad wouldn't forget his Tefillin or Gemora in the car like he did his child. You could forget for 15 minutes but not 2 hours. What if that kid went missing or got injured at home, does this mean the dad does not check on his children for 2 hours straight?