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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Queens: Jewish man clings to life after hit-run

A 31-year-old Queens man is fighting for his life after being mowed down last night by a hit-and-run driver and then struck again by a second vehicle, police said.

Dominik Winnick is in very critical condition at New York Hospital Queens after twice being slammed into as he crossed 108th Street at 63rd Road in Corona at about 10:30 p.m., authorities said.

Winnick, 31, was first hit by a 2010 Nissan Rogue going southbound on 108th Street.

The Rogue’s driver, Avraham Mullokandov, 17, fled the scene, police said.

Winnick was then hit by a 1998 Nissan Maxima traveling northbound on 108th Street. That motorist remained on the scene.

Winnick, who lives less than two blocks from where he was hit, was rushed to the hospital.

About 30 minutes after the crash, Mullokandov returned to the scene and was arrested, police said.

He is charged with vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an accident and violating the terms of his restricted license, police added.


  1. Part of the education of every Jewish child should be a trip to a courthouse and to be placed in the "bull-pen" in order to experience first hand what might be the consequences of breaking the law. Most normal "children" will then be more aware of where their actions may lead them----AND their parents.

  2. some people just never learn!

  3. This could've happen to anyone. 108st is a very busy street and people cross with out caution. I bet the pedestrian he hit wasn't looking or crossed in the middle of the road.
    And I understand why he ran home and asked his parents what to do. He's a young man who was scared and hesitated, and this first thing he thought of was his loved ones. He did confess which is better then just hiding and waiting to get caught.

    I live a building away from "Avraham Mullokandov" and anytime I see him he is either helping people, going to work, or like every teenager playing sports in the local park.

    He's a really good boy and to hear about this is very hard. I hope it all turns out well I feel for him and support him all the way through.

    Johnny Jay

  4. GOOD 17 year old boys should not drive on the restricted licence after hours and think about the man who is fighting for his life before you start praising someone!

  5. You got it wrong - Avraham Mullokandov did not return to the scene of accident! He was arrested next day early morning.

    Johnny Jay - how is the good boy leaving victim of his law braking joy ride on the ROAD !!!!!!!????
    How is the good boy charged with vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an accident, and a license restriction violation. He was supposed to be supervised after 9:00pm - he hit and run away at 10:30pm!!!!!!
    GOOD BOY HE????

  6. Ohh and im sure you know that they picked avi up from his house wtf are you a fkn profit .. Get ur facts straight before judging! SMHHH Immature dumbassses!

  7. What a tragedy! I am sure the 17 year old didn't plan on running anyone over- and they are saying now Dominik is unlikely to survive his injuries.

    Johnny Jay- I can understand your sympathy for the 17 year old- but really- how about some prayers for the victim!! He didn't deserve to be so brutally mowed over. Your posting makes you sound like a very cold person!

  8. Hey guess what guys i was just at the hospital where Dominick past away god rest his souls, but he was standing in the middle of the road waiting for his friend to tie his shoe and start walking to him. he didn't realize that the light was still yellow not red that's when he was hit. it is very disturbing and upsetting but unfortunately can happen to everyone.

  9. u no what u all have ur facts wrong well not all im his verry close friend and he told me at the priecent that it was a green and beeped at the guy and the guy walked slowly and pressed the brakes and hit the guy hes 17 what do u expect he was in shock he did not no what to do

  10. avi is stupid for driving after 9 p.m. he had a restricted license and was "still learning" how to drive. His parents should be responsible for his actions.

    avi should have stopped, and helped the victim. Instead he flees. What a lowlife kid. No wonder he is friends with David and Rodshell, two big lowlifes who have also been poorly supervised by their parents. their mother should be locked up

    I say avi get lock up for at least 20 years so he can feel the pain of killing an innocent victims

  11. You guys judge so much about others. This was all G-D's plan weather Avi was to kill Domonikk or NOT Dominik was suppose to die at this time and date and at that second Avi isnt the blame for anything he is technically the messenger. Why G-D chose Avi and for him to experience something so horrible like this in such a young age noone knows! Dont blame! and certainly dont give him a time for how long he should be in jail. You dont know how it feels living each day knowing that he took someone else's life ecpesially when the guy was innocent!