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Monday, November 22, 2010

Brooklyn rabbi busted for violating order of protection against boy, 12

Rabbi Yehuda Kolko was charged with sexual abuse in 2006

A Brooklyn rabbi was arrested for violating an order of protection against a 12-year-old boy he is accused of sexually molesting, police said.

Rabbi Yehuda Kolko was charged with sexual abuse in 2006, accused of molesting students at Yeshiva Torah Temimah in Brooklyn, where he was a teacher. He pleaded guilty to child endangerment.

He was accused of violating an order of protection on Nov. 12 by stopping and glared at one of the victim after they crossed paths on the street.

The boy is set to testify in a civil suit against the school in March, a family advocate said.

"The experience of again being threatened and intimidated by Kolko these past weeks retraumatized him," the boy's father said in a statement to the Daily News. "He can't sleep. He's afraid to go outside."

The father filed a complaint with cops, who arrested Kolko Saturday.

Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Evelyn Laporte warned Kolko to stay away from his accusers at his arraignment on Sunday night. Kolko was released on his own recognizance.

Defense lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz scoffed at the new charges.

"These days they arrest people if you look at them the wrong way. It's not a crime," said Schwartz, accusing the victims of trying to set up Kolko.

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