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Sunday, November 15, 2015

T.O.T. Private Consulting; Explosives and K9 Detection Dogs

We provide explosives and narcotics K9 detection services for the, Jewish Institutes .
Our professional staff has the experience to protect large and small sites during times of peace and chaos. Whether your facility is a small corporate building, a mass transit hub for rail or air service, or a large facility covering acres of land we can assist you in protecting your assets.
Our K9’s are trained to detect C3, C4 (RDX), Det Cord, Time Fuse, Ammonium Nitrate, TNT, Petn, Black Powder, Smokeless Powder, Flash Powder, Bullets, Guns, Dynamite, Nitroglycerine, Blasting Caps, and Tovex.  They are also trained continuously on other explosive odors and combinations of these odors.  Our handlers and K9’s are certified as a team to detect in a proficient manner.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


T.O.T. Private Consulting specializes in a variety of services for the Orthodox Jewish community worldwide.
One of our primary services is litigation and conflict support. We apply the full scope of our intelligence, information collection, analysis and operational skills to assist our clients in promoting their business and legal interests. We help our clients adopt a pro-active approach to litigation and conflict resolution by providing intelligence that can be later used as evidence in court, while conducting closed room negotiations or as a pressure point with any other third party or authority. Information of this type critically affects the strategy and advice that our clients receive from their lawyers and other advisers.
Analysis of Interests and Conflicts
Understanding your opponent is a key element when building a strategy for a complex situation. T.O.T. Private Consulting supports litigation processes by identifying your opponents’ vulnerabilities, interests, priorities and strategy. Using our unique intelligence methodology T.O.T. Private Consulting enhances its clients’ decision making by providing otherwise unobtainable information. We help our clients identify their adversaries’ sensitive pressure points or vulnerabilities, or evidence of their misconduct.
Asset Tracing and Enforcement Support
Grounded in T.O.T. Private Consulting in-depth familiarity with relevant legislation and court procedures related to asset recovery; our asset tracing and enforcement support services produce valuable intelligence and due-diligence at a standard far beyond other, currently available, services. T.O.T. Private Consulting has developed unique expertise as asset recovery practitioners, and we can function in different jurisdictions under different legal systems, extending all the way to analyzing offshore companies and trusts.

Evidence Collection and Analysis
We offer active involvement in our clients’ efforts to establish the evidential foundation of their cases. Using unique collection skills, we work together with our clients’ legal teams, providing them with relevant materials and reports on specific areas of interest to help the legal team promote our clients’ interests. Evidence collection also includes identifying and locating potential witnesses, and assistance in assessing the strength of adversaries’ evidence and asset structure.
Identifying Pressure Points and Developing Leverage
Drawing on our experience of fraud investigation and analyzing complex (often offshore) company structures, T.O.T. Private Consulting identify instances of criminality in our clients’ counterparties’ operations, such as VAT fraud, involvement with organized crime or sanctions violations. We then work closely with our clients in order to ensure that the information is used to maximum effect, be it by appealing to regulatory authorities, or by bringing criminal or civil actions in cases such as fraud, bribery or terror financing.


What Makes Us Unique?

T.O.T. Private Consulting provides individualized services for the Orthodox Jewish communities worldwide. We are a team of experts who are committed to providing you with the highest quality service in complete confidentiality.

Cutting-Edge Analytical Skills

Cutting-edge analytical and research skills are at the heart of every solid intelligence project that T.O.T.Private Consulting team uses creative and inventive thinking to connect the dots.

Harvesting In The Cyber World

T.O.T. Private Consulting has developed innovative tools and methodologies to handle massive amounts of data. We unearth useful information for our clients and map all potential sources of interest by trawling the deep web and harvesting information from typically inaccessible areas of the Internet such as the Dark Net.

Languages & Cultures

T.O.T. Private Consulting provides top services to the Orthodox Jewish community worldwide. With its multi-lingual background, including more than 25 native speakers of different languages, and a unique understanding of many local cultures, the team is uniquely skilled to operate in Europe, the Middle East, the Former Soviet Union, Latin America and many other regions, while handling various cultural challenges.

Extensive Database Access

We have unique experience accessing and analyzing information on various platforms, including more than 240 limited-access financial, commercial, regulatory, legal and technical databases, gaining lawful access to new resources in accordance with our clients’ needs.

Pro-Active Approach

We overcome limited-access sources by taking a can-do, dynamic approach. We have developed several unique methods, especially in the social engineering field, that allow us to move freely in and extract valuable information from limited access sources, both in virtual and physical environments.

Friday, October 3, 2014

T.O.T. Search and Rescue

T.O.T. Search and Rescue Worldwide. Please contact us on our Emergency hotline at 212-933-9289 and press option 1 For Emergency only

Gmar Chasima Tova From T.O.T. Private consulting services

To our loyal readers, customers, and dear friends around the world: With the world in its most uncertain and unstable times, we would like to wish all of you a Gmar Chasima Tova, and may we all be inscribed & sealed in the books of life, peace, health, and prosperity.

May G-d Bless You and Listen To All Your Prayers!!!

And May We Be Zoche To Have The Zechus Of Greeting Moshiach Tzidkeinu!!!

A Gmar Chasima Tova To All Klal Yisroel

Good Shabbos

Joe Levin

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

T.O.T. Private Consulting Wishes 'Shana Tova Umetuka'

On This Erev Rosh Hashanah Of  5774/75, Joe Levin & T.O.T. Private Consulting Would like To Wish You A Healthy Sweet New Year With Happiness and Goodness!

May G-d Bless You and Listen To All Your Prayers!!!

And May We Be Zoche To Have The Zechus Of Greeting Moshiach Tzidkeinu!!!

Shana Tova Umetuka Kesiva Ve-Chasima Tova To All Klal Yisroel!

ויהי רצון שתזכו לכתיבה וחתימה טובה לחיים טובים וארוכים בספרן של צדיקים גמורים

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Message From T.O.T Consulting:

Attention All Readers:

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T.O.T. Search and Rescue Worldwide. Please contact us on our Emergency hotline at 212-933-9289 and press option 1 For Emergency only
T.O.T. Missing Persons.
T.O.T. Coordinate Ground Search and Rescue.
T.O.T Ground search and rescue.
T.O.T Search and Rescue K-9 Dogs.
T.O.T. Air-sea Rescue.
Locating Missing Persons and Conducting a Search:
1 – Contacting the Police and Filing Reports.
2 – Contact the person’s friends and acquaintances.
3 – Check with hospitals and coroners in the area.
If the missing person was in an accident, he or she might be in a local hospital and unable to
communicate for some reason. In some tragic cases, a missing person will be found with a coroner or
medical examiner.
Call all facilities in your area to rule these possibilities out.
• When you make the calls, ask for the missing person by name.
• If no one by that name is on record there, ask if they have unidentified people in their care who
resemble your missing person.
4 – Check social media sites.
This is an important way to gain information about the days leading up to the person’s disappearance.
Check his or her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts and determine whether recent
activity contains any clues. Look at the missing person’s friends’ sites as well.
• Print out correspondence and activity that seems as though it could lead to the missing person’s
• Report any activity that might be a clue to the case worker at the police department.
5 – Put up fliers with a picture and description of the missing person.
6 – Ask people to spread the word and Alert the local media.
Getting the media involved is another important way to publicize the fact that you’re looking for a
missing person.
The person may see the announcement and decide to return home, and others will be on the lookout
for the missing person.
Alerting the media may also cause the police department to devote more resources to solving the case.
•Send photos and videos of the missing person to your local TV stations.
  • Call your local newspapers and ask them to publish an article on the missing person.
  • Take out an ad in a weekly newspaper.
  • Send information to local blogs and websites.
7 – Consider hiring a private investigator.
In many cases, the missing person will see the fliers and decide to return home.
In other cases fliers can alert friends and neighbors who might have information about the missing
person’s whereabouts.
Put up the fliers in the neighborhood where the missing person lived and around places where he or she
spent time.
Hang your posters in prominent locations, like gas stations, grocery stores, post offices, banks, drug
stores, a local library, Synagogue, churches, hospitals, homeless shelters, parks and hiking trails.
Be sure to include a recent, clear photograph of the missing person.
Include the person’s age, a physical description, and the date he or she went missing.
Include contact information as well.
8 – Provide the Police With information About the Missing Person.
  • 3 current photos of the person.
  •  A physical description including height, weight, age, hair color, eye color, build.
  • A description of the clothing and shoes the person was last seen wearing.
  •  A list of possessions the person might be carrying or articles on the person, like jewelry, glasses,
contact lenses, accessories, a purse, a wallet, ID cards.
* A list of scars, tattoos, and other identifying characteristics.
  •  A list of medications the person was taking, allergies, handicaps, and other medical conditions.
  •  A list of people related to or friends with the missing person, along with contact information.
  •  A list of places the person frequents
  •  A description of the car the person may be traveling in, or a different mode of transportation if
  •  A description of the situation surrounding the person’s disappearance
9 – Contact the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.
10 – Missing Persons Confidential investigations.
We can locate a missing relative, deadbeat spouse, witness, friend or someone who owes you money.
Our Investigators use the latest tools and techniques to locate people nationwide.
In one case we tracked a transient through five states and for over three months.
In the end the person was found and reunited with His family.
Investigators routinely skip trace parties involved in litigation with a 98% locate rate.