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Monday, June 27, 2016

T.O.T. Private Consulting Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

T.O.T. Private Consulting specializes in gathering and analysing intelligence that enables our clients to better understand their business environment, enhance their ability to identify business risks and opportunities, and leverage their competitive edge.

Our competitive intelligence service is based on cutting-edge methodology that includes high-end information gathering and research capabilities, bolstered by solid technical and legal acuity.

Competitive intelligence is delivered in the form of a graphic plot of the key players in the target market, accompanied by detailed information on each competitor’s procedures, practices, R&D plans, products and services, and unrevealed usable leverage points of conflicts, corruption, fraud or bribery.

Generating Business Opportunities

Any business that wishes to develop and grow requires a steady stream of information on potential markets and opportunities. T.O.T. Private Consulting offers thorough and comprehensive market research and analysis services that offer insights to companies looking to expand and grow.

At T.O.T. Private Consulting, we are uniquely capable of operating in any language and culture, in our home markets and specifically in Europe, the Middle-East, Former Soviet Union and Latin American markets. Additionally, we are able to provide in-depth information and analysis regardless of geographic boundaries.

T.O.T. Private Consulting identifies potential unique business opportunities, locates key players and centers of excellence, and creates detailed target profiles that assist our clients in executing well-informed business moves.

Compliance Reports

T.O.T. Private Consulting produces compliance reports on potential business partners, suppliers, distributors, and re-sellers (individuals and companies), supporting clients’ compliance efforts in accordance with the requirements of the Bribery Act, Fraud Act, Proceeds of Crime Act, and other relevant legislation.

We help our clients ensure full compliance with these laws by inspecting the both legal and financial records and procedures of designated partners, in order to confirm their compliance with the requirements defined in relevant legislation, such as due-diligence reporting and risk assessment procedures.

Looking into 240 unique databases, our compliance services identify involvement of existing and potential business associates in sanctions violations, money laundering incidents, terror financing and any organized crime involvement.

Deep Level Due Diligence

Decisions involving significant business moves, large-scale acquisitions, new partnerships, and expanding operations into new, and foreign, countries inevitably involve trade-offs between risks and benefits. T.O.T. Private Consulting Deep-Level Due Diligence service supports clients’ risk management and helps minimize such business risks by providing comprehensive assessments of business targets.

A distinct tool to financial and legal due diligence, T.O.T. Private Consulting Deep-Level Due Diligence delves into the people behind the target company; their motives and interests, past behavior in other roles, and any other information that could reveal behavior contrary to the strategy of T.O.T. Private Consulting clients.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Brooklyn’s Private Jewish Patrols Wield Power. Some Call Them Bullies

“Who is really controlling the Borough Park police station?” asked Joe Levin, a Hasidic private investigator who has clashed with the shomrim. “It’s not the N.Y.P.D.”
A few years ago, Mr. Levin said he handled a divorce case where a husband was beating his wife. One day, he added, the woman was hurt so badly that an ambulance removed her from her home on a stretcher. The police and the shomrim were also at the scene, he said, but no one did a thing when the husband rushed out, flipped the stretcher and knocked her to the ground.
“I saw this with my own eyes — everybody did,” Mr. Levin said.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


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