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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brooklyn, NY - Man Surrenders In Borough Park Shul Abuse Case

A Brooklyn teen, accompanied by his rabbi and a lawyer, surrendered today in the molestation of a youngster in the basement of a Borough Park synagogue.

Menachem Deutsch, 19, was charged with unlawful imprisonment and child endangerment in the June 22 attack, authorities said.

Deutsch, dressed in traditional Hasidic attire, allegedly lured a 12-year-old boy walking home from school into Simcha Hall, a basement event space located inside a synagogue at 15th Avenue and 50th Street, authorities said.

Once inside, Deutsch brought the boy into a bathroom and allegedly groped and molested the child over the course of an hour.


  1. b"h our rabbis are faceing the reality!

  2. I'm a Belzer who davens in a different shull. I would also like to know which dayan gave him over.

    I hope to thank him and not to criticize him

  3. Throw the book at this mo'fo' The problem with the hasidim is they protect their own, so getting a conviction will be tough as one rabbi talks to another and all of a sudden no one remembers anything. Up to the DA though to press full speed ahead in putting this pervert in jail for a long time. There is no cure for these sexual perverts. They simply must be separated from the target of their perversion, hence the need for incarceration. Am I wrong?

  4. Anyone knows who the rabbi was that accompanied him?

    מפרסמין עושה מצוה

    I can't say I don't feel bad for this young guy, his wife, parents and in laws, but this was the right thing to do.

  5. Let him get help he has a wife can't put him away poor wife

  6. B'H the Rabbis are doing the right thing.

  7. Sounds to me like the young man recognized he has a problem and is anxious to be helped, realizing that just letting it get the better of him will lead to trouble and misery. The fact that he surrendered so quickly and efficiently (with rabbi and lawyer) rather than hiding with the hope of continuing to prey on innocent children is very revealing. And let's keep in mind that chances are good he got this way by being molested himself as a child.
    If my assessment is correct, incarceration is not warranted nor helpful. He needs help in overcoming his addiction.

  8. I suspect that Menachem, himself, is the victim of sexual abuse as a child. Historically, the abused frequently become abusers. It is so sad. I hope that this most recent victim receives help to deal with this abuse.