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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chassidic Jew in Borough Park found guilty of assault.

66th Precinct

A Hasidic thug who savagely beat an elderly Orthodox Jewish man during a dispute in Borough Park nearly six years ago was convicted of robbery yesterday for his role in the vicious attack.

A Brooklyn Supreme Court jury yesterday found Isidore Farkas, 40, guilty of robbery for taking the $800 digital camera of Harold Weinberg, 76, a civil engineer.

NYPD cops initially refused to charge Farkas, who is Hasidic, when he was first arrested on the evening of Aug. 18, 2005, soon after the attack -- a decision that came after 20 Hasids descended on the 66th Precinct station house.

"It took a long time in coming. it was a fair verdict," said Weinberg.

Farkas faces a minimum of 3½ years -- and a maximum of 15 --in prison.


  1. The 20 Hasids will join him in hell.

  2. To me this story sounds like a typical day to day street crime. Why is this story being given so much publication? Who's behind all this? How much money was given to the press to print this story? Mr Weinberg how could you allow another fellow jew to be locked up behind bars for 4 years???!! I'm sure your guilt will give you many sleepless nights.

    1. ARe you out of your mind? Weinberg was beaten while having his property stolen. Because he is jewish he should be set free and not held accountable?