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Thursday, June 23, 2011

NY - Rockland DA: Attempted Murder Indictment in Skver Arson Dispute

NEW CITY, N.Y. — An 18-year-old student from a Hasidic enclave in New York has been indicted on charges stemming from a fiery attack on a religious dissident.

The Rockland County district attorney says a grand jury brought charges of attempted murder, attempted arson and assault against Shaul Spitzer of New Square.

On May 22, Aron Rottenberg of New Square suffered severe burns when he confronted someone carrying a flammable liquid outside his home.

Police arrested Spitzer and said he was trying to burn down Rottenberg's house.

Spitzer's defense attorney denied the charges.

Rottenberg's family has alleged that the attack was directed by Grand Rebbe David Twersky. Rottenberg says Twersky was angered by Rottenberg's decision to worship at a synagogue other than the main one in New Square.

Twersky has decried the attack.

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