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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Albany, NY - Jewish Demonstrators Clash Over Gay Marriage

Here’s video of a minor skirmish that broke out between a group of Rockland County Orthodox rabbis hasidim who have been loudly chanting “No vote for LGBT supporters” for, oh, about an hour on the east side of the Senate antechamber.

The arrival of Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. prompted a mini-parade despite the tight quarters and the presence of numerous marriage advocates — such as Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum of Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, who prompted a heated reaction from one of the Orthodox protesters by throwing an arm over his shoulder as she attempted to insert herself between Diaz and the cameras.

“You’re not a Jew! You’re not a Jew!,” he responded, just before a trooper moved in to ease the loose procession down the stairway.
Albany, NY - The New York State Senate adjourned at around 7:30 Monday night without reaching resolution on three major issues before them, including gay marriage.

As is usually the case at the end of session, Capitol corridors were jam-packed with noisy demonstrators, lawmakers, and lobbyists. Everyone has an agenda and when certain demonstrators began pushing too hard for or against same sex marriage, that’s when things turned ugly.

All week along a group of Hasidic rabbis has been demonstrating fervently against marriage equality. On Monday, a smaller group of reform rabbis from New York City came to the capitol, and in between Yiddish chants and Hebrew prayers, angry name calling erupted.

“This is not Jewish people. This is not Jewish people. This is animal,” one of the Hasidic rabbis screamed at a female rabbi, pointing his right index finger at her.

The lady rabbi told her accuser she’ll pray for him to which the male rabbi responded, “Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you, Get out of here.”

The un-Godly behavior was well monitored by New York State troopers, who several times had to separate the two groups.


  1. What's the problem? As Jews, the group of "chassidim" are right. They should say "I don't know what religion this woman represents, but it is not Judaism. She is a liar and a fraud. There is only ONE Torah and and if you aren't following it, you are practicing something other than Judaism. If you want to speak on behalf of people who are anti Torah and hate G-d, but are Jewish as an accident of birth, fine. But you cannot speak on behalf of Judaism because you do not practice it and know nothing about it."

    It is time we put these people (many of whom are not even Jewish according to Halacha) in their place and we stop pretending that they represent anything but lies

  2. where are those individuals small part of Hasidic moviement that are friends with Ahmedinejad when you need them?

  3. I wonder which is worse in the eyes of Hashem - a chossid who defrauds the government and causes massive chillul Hashem, or an honest female rabbi? I have my suspicions, what do you say?