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Thursday, June 30, 2011

MSNBC suspends top political analyst after he calls Obama a 'd***' during live TV debate

Mark Halperin's apology

MSNBC today suspended its senior political analyst just hours after he called President Obama a 'd***' live on the Morning Joe show.

Mark Halperin, who is also Time magazine's editor-at-large, has been suspended indefinitely for the slur, which referred to a press conference yesterday in which Mr Obama announced plans to tax the rich.

He immediately apologised for the comment, made after the show's host Joe Scarborough jokingly told him he could say what he thought of the president because the programme was being recorded on a delay.

But the producer failed to hit the seven-second delay button, so this morning millions of Americans heard Mr Halperin say: 'I thought he was kind of a d*** yesterday.'

The suspension is unlikely to stop Mr Halperin himself being in Obama's line of fire on tax - he is a millionaire in his own right after signing a $5million book deal last year to co-author a title on the 2012 elections

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