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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crown Heights: Jewish Boy Brutally Beaten & Pistol Whipped

Crown Heights Info reports: Two thugs accosted a Jewish boy Monday night, putting a gun to his head and brutally beating him on his head and body. The victim recounted his terrifying ordeal in detail to our reporter.

The incident occurred on Monday night at around 11:00pm on Union Street between Troy and Schenectady Avenues.

Two black assailants in their 20s approached the Bochur, one of them asking if he knows him and pointed a gun to his head. The victim told “I told him to calm down and the guy wacked me in the face with the gun, and the other guy punched me in the nose, and since he had a gun I wasn’t really going to try to fight back.”

“Then he wacked me again on the head with the gun and in the nose, and I fell to the floor and I covered my head. The guy with the gun just kept hitting me in the head and the other guy kept punching me in the head, I guess they were trying to knock me out” recounted the victim with harrowing clarity.

“Finally I pulled out my wallet and threw it to the side and I said enough, and the guys got up took my wallet and ran towards Utica Avenue” he said.

Two black girls who passed by and saw the Bochur all bloodied and beaten called 911 and stayed with him until an ambulance and police arrived.

The Bochur was rushed to Kings County Hospital where he received a staple to the back of his head, and multiple stitches on his forehead and nose. An additional visit the following day to a plastic surgeon was necessary to close up the stitches again.

The mother of the victim urged us to raise awareness that walking alone at night is extremely dangerous, and that girls and boys should always walk in pair, at the very least. She also hopes that this incident will serve as a deterrent to others to stay alert when out at night. “Please, please get off your phones and pay attention to your surroundings” she pleaded.

Stumbling and Bumbling: Police Have No Record of the Brutal Assault

This is how the NYPD fights crime, by have no record of it! It seems that being taken away by ambulance after a brutal beating and calling 911 is not enough for the cops to hear about an incident in which police officers actually responded to. has learned that more than four days after the incident took place neither the local precinct, nor the Patrol Borough of Brooklyn South have any idea that this crime took place.

According to the victim’s mother, the police were present at the scene of the incident on Monday night, and the same police officers later arrived at Kings County Hospital to interview the victim.

But the police department says that they have no record of the attack.

Batya Breindel of the Community Council asked our reporter if he had any information on the victim since the police had no report or record of a 911 call. She said that “the police said they are trying to find out, that they have no report, and they are trying to check 911calls, and there were no calls made. Tthey tried to check the hospital, and they couldn’t find, so they are trying to make more phone calls, they called Hatzalah, but they said maybe EMS took them, so they are trying to make more phone calls to find out.” Breindel added that “They don’t even know that it happened. They know nothing about it.”

“It appears that until [] reported that this incident took place it appears no one but the victim and his family knew that it even happened” said a spokesperson for the news website, adding “that if we hadn’t reported on this incident it would probably have been swept under the rug.”

As this story was being prepared for publication A source in the police department told us that just now the 71st precinct had managed to get in touch with the mother of the victim.

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  1. Jerk off cops only care about their own being assualted