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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brooklyn, NY - Rabbi Yehudah Kolko Arrested

Yehuda Kolko, the Torah Temima teacher that is widely believed to have molested hundreds of children, was arrested in his Brooklyn home on Saturday night, The Jewish Star has confirmed.

It is not clear as to the exact charge Kolko is facing, but it is related to a criminal complaint filed on Wednesday night by the father of 12-year-old boy who was allegedly molested by Kolko. The boy’s family along with another family brought charges against Kolko in 2007 which Kolko pled guilty to in a controversial plea deal. As part of the deal, Kolko was placed on probation and an order of protection was put in place for the boy.

The father of the boy told The Jewish Week that Kolko had violated the order of protection by “glaring” at the boy, as well as several other actions.

“This shows [Kolko] doesn’t give a damn about the courts,” the father of the 12-year-old told The Jewish Week, “My son is reliving this thing that happened to him four years ago.”

On Friday afternoon, a spokesperson for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office said that they were aware of the situation.


  1. In the early 1970's. I was a student at Mirrer Yeshiiva high school and 'Rabbi" Kolko locked the door of what was then the library, and committed an act that was indecent and criminal. I am amazed that he still walked the streets as a free man till the other day. Why are we afraid to deal with such people and treat them like the criminals they are?

  2. This is pure lashon hora

  3. No, its not Loshon Hara. 1. Loshon Hara doesn't apply to regular people who reject the Torah, how much more so to a person who desecrates the Torah at its core and shows no remorse or shame.

    2. People need this info in order to protect their families.

    3. The info is needed to expose these problems and show people how to deal with them and deter this behavior.

  4. Mazel Tov on posting the name of this perpertrator
    B"H this creep is finally arrested. I just hope that this time around Mr. Hynes will not let himself being pressured by Margolis and other so called Rabbonim and Gedolim.
    Charlie GO FOR IT ALL THE WAY!

  5. Meisirah? Your worried about mesirah but not about the kids that he molested. Sickening.

    How do you know its true. 1. He admitted it. 2. Not just one child has come forward it is many. 3.

    Loshon hara? Absolutely not.

    Beis din? A Beis Din has zero authority to handle criminal matters.

  6. This is not lashon horah. Kolko himself already pleaded guilty to molesting. Now he is trying to fight a lawsuit about his disgusting behavior with two boys. He was ordered by the court to stay away from them and he violated the order. He was trying to intimidate them into not testifying. The lawsuit will expose a great deal more about Kolko and how Lipa Margulies covered up for Kolko. The Chofetz Chaim is clear that when there is a toeles, an essential purpose, it can be a mitzvah to expose a dangerous person. Kolko and Torah Temimah must be exposed to protect other children.

  7. This person's name should be publicized as should all others plus the yeshivas who harbor these criminals. I have the right to know if a molester works in my son's yeshiva I don't think I would leave him there and if yes I would definitely warn him of this person. Such people have to be registered with the police and everyone has a right to know if they live in their area.

  8. why is he being called "Rabbi" - this I don't get

  9. Perfect timing! Agudas Yisroel Convention this week advertising "our children". Maybe they can be forthcoming in why the deafening silence?

  10. Kolko, Bryks, Lebovitz, Lanner...anyone else care to add names to the list. What blows my mind is how some d-bag frummies can still try to protect these sh!ts. It reminds me of a comment/post made by some troll on VIN a couple weeks ago when an article was posted about someone trying to lure kids in his car and they asked if anyone sees something to call the Ramapo police. Some complete troll commented, 'No-don't do that its moyser". Not only should Kolko have his a$$ hole infused with 'man batter' in prison, but anyone in Torah Temima's hanhala that knew about this and covered it up or pretended it didn't happen-when they could have done something-should also be treated like an accomplice and should also have his sufganeya filled with manbatter this chanuka in prison.