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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bnei Brak man suspected of raping three teenage daughters

Man s uspected of raping three of his daughters

Police uncovered alleged crime after raid on drug house led them to one of the victims.

Prosecutors have filed an affidavit against a Bnei Brak resident accused of raping three of his teenage daughters over a five-year-period, law enforcement officials revealed on Sunday.

The 47-year-old father of 10 was arrested two weeks ago after a police drug raid spiraled into an investigation of the alleged rape.

During that October raid, police officers found one of the girls, age 14, residing in a Bnei Brak apartment with another minor. They soon discovered that the girl did not live in the apartment, but had been on the run for three month.

The girl claimed that she had fled from her father, who used to rape her, and from two of her brothers, ages 15 and 19, who beat her and her sisters.

The investigation revealed that over the course of the past five years the father repeatedly rape, beat and abused the three girls. On several occasions, the man had rented a hotel room in south Tel Aviv, to which he would bring his daughters.

Police issued a warrant for the arrest of the man and his two sons, and transferred the girl to a temporary youth shelter in Bnei Brak.

The father and his sons have allegedly tried to track the girl down the girl in order to prevent her from testifying and are suspected of planning to beat her so severely that she would not be able to cooperate with police investigators.

At a certain point, the man and his sons arrived at the apartment where the girl had been hiding and attacked the boy that had hid her. He did not give any details and the two were arrested two weeks later.

The three relatives are currently being held in police custody. The defense lawyer said Sunday that her client denied completely all the allegations against him.

"He has many children, most of whom did not complain… the girl has ulterior motives, which will be exposed in due time," the lawyer said.

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