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Friday, July 29, 2011

Who Would Defend Accused Killer Levi Aron? She Would

attorney Jennifer McCann

NEW YORK (PIX11)— A week ago today, attorney Gerard Marrone backed out of the defense team for Levi Aron, the man accused of murdering and dismembering 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky. Marrone said the allegations were too "horrific" for him to stay on.

With Marrone walking away, the defense team has received a boost with the addition with a heavy-hitting Long Island attorney Jennifer McCann. PIX 11 News sat down with McCann for this conversation.

PIX11: This could not have been an easy case for you to take on.

Jennifer McCann: This is a difficult case for anyone to decide to be involved in. It was not necessarily and easy decision but one that I still remembered that no matter who the defendant is.. has the right to his constitutional rights.

PIX11: How do you handle something like this? you're going to look at pictures of an 8-year-old kid who was chopped up.

McCann: It never gets easy, and if any defense counsel ever tells you it doesn't bother them... they're not telling you the truth. Of course it bothers me and of course there are nights I sit up thinking about this and can't sleep because it is a horrible crime, but my question is: what can I do to resolve this case?

PIX11: Are you taking this case pro bono? Can [Levi Aron] pay for his defense?

McCann: He cannot pay for his defense, it looks like we will take this pro bono.

PIX11: But the recognition and respect you get in the legal community for taking a case like this..?

McCann: It would not be recognition or respect. Even my own colleagues have looked down on me for taking such and egregious, egregious case.

PIX11: What kind of threats have you been getting?

McCann: I've had tremendous amount of very nasty responses. People calling me every name in the book.

PIX11: By phone, email?

McCann: Phone and email.

PIX11: Has this put a strain on any of your relationships whether friends or family?

McCann: No, they've been incredibly supportive. They've been dealing with me dealing with these types of cases for a number of years now. Although usually it's not on this big of a press magnitude, they've been very supportive with me dealing with murder cases and very heavy hitting cases for a while.

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