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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Levi Aron's New Lawyer: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The new lawyer for the man accused of killing and dismembering an eight-year-old Brooklyn boy talked to reporters for the first time Tuesday.

Attorney Jennifer McCann joined the defense team for Levi Aron on Friday.

Another lawyer stepped down, saying the details of the crime were too much to handle, but McCann says her client is innocent until proven guilty.

“I understand people are outraged by what is a horrific, horrific crime, and they believe they found who's guilty and they believe he should be punished and they don't appreciate anyone who wants to spend his rights,” said McCann. “But this isn't a country where we believe in shooting galleries and lynch mobs.”

Leiby Kletzky was reported missing two weeks ago.

Police later found the boy's remains in Aron's home and in a dumpster in Sunset Park.

Aron is charged with murder and kidnapping.

He pleaded not guilty.


  1. someones got a stick up her ass.

  2. she is as innocent as levy is

  3. i want to add something to the first thing posted about levi and his 2nd wife she didn't get the restraining order for a speedy divorce or a boyfriend telling her to i know her well from school long time friend she did it because if you read the commercial appeal article on their restraining order it states the true reason why she did it thanks anonymous.....