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Monday, July 11, 2011

Katsav's private investigators suspected of harassing witnesses in his rape trial

Disgraced former president was found guilty of rape and sexual harassment in December 2010.

Two private investigators working on behalf of Moshe Katsav are suspected of harassing witnesses involved in the disgraced former president's rape trial, it emerged Monday after a gag order on details of the case was lifted.

According to suspicions, the private investigators allegedly harassed four people involved in the Katsav case, which culminated in rape and sexual assault convictions for the former president. The investigators are believed to have harassed the witnesses and violated their privacy.

One of the investigators, an owner of a private investigations firm, is suspected of witness harassment and conspiring to commit a crime. The investigator is suspected of employing two other private investigators to aid him collect information on people involved in the Katsav case.

Moreover, the police found recorded tapes which documented the private investigators' contact with the people involved in the case. Police also searched the private investigations office and confiscated their computers. The two investigators were arrested last week and were released on Sunday night after five days in custody.

In December last year, Katsav was found guilty of two counts of rape after complaints had surfaced of sexual offenses against various subordinates during Katsav's terms as tourism minister and president.

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