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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rabbis launch battle on men's skinny jeans

Religious leaders decree tight clothing inappropriate for men; suggest gowns are more befitting

A new decree signed by top Israeli rabbis this week prohibits devout men from wearing tight pants.

"Every Jewish man is mandated by the holy Torah to dress modestly in loose-fitting clothing," read the edict, which was published in the ultra-Orthodox media.
The public service messages were accompanied by pictures of Jewish men in times of old dressed in loose, gown-like attire.

The announcement is an unusual one, considering that modesty edicts purveyed by zealous rabbis largely tend to target women.

Readers of websites that cater to the ultra-religious public, including Hadrei Haredim and Kikar Hashabat, appeared troubled by the fact that the tables have turned; some pondered exactly which Jewish laws pertain to the male dress code, while one commenter said: "A king's son is glorious within," a play on the Tehilim verse that exults the women's inner character over outward duds.


  1. Perverted "Rabbis" like David Volpe

  2. I like to show off my sexy body, tzitzit and all my curves. Some rabbi probably bought a closeout on ill fitting jeans and thats why they makin this new law.

  3. Perverted Rabbis you bet soon there will be a new sefer on hilchos underwear. Anything these sickos can do to get into everyones elses pants. Then they will add a mitzvah night tax to help buy the Rabbi some more porn.
    Long live the Kosher Sex Cops

    Moishe Tzvibbel
    New Square

  4. wait till these guys find out about cotton thongs

  5. It seemed that great to know that rabbis launch battle on mens skinny. I really enjoy watching men wearing skinny jeans. I know that those skinny jeans would look great on me.