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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NYPD Cop sues over ‘sex harass’

Michael Blake

It’s Boys Gone Wild at the 103rd Precinct, a teary-eyed Queens cop testified yesterday.

Officer Veronica Schultz told a jury in Brooklyn federal court that she was routinely sexually terrorized by superiors at the Jamaica-based precinct for years — including a 2007 incident in which Sgt. James Briones allegedly showed off a risqué video of Schultz with her pants down to other wide-eyed cops.

“I was horrified,” said a teary-eyed Schultz, adding Briones encouraged other officers to “check out her ass” while playing the video at work on his personal laptop computer.

The video was taken while she performed a dance at a department talent show.

Her leggings accidentally fell, revealing her thong underwear.

Schultz is also suing her former captain, Michael Blake. Both Briones and Blake — who were also in court yesterday — deny any wrongdoing.

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