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Friday, December 30, 2011

Fox TV poll on Facebook: Do you think the Jews killed Jesus?

Popular news networks' Latin America outlet Poll apologizes for poll asking readers who they think is responsible for the death of Christ: Pontius Pilate, The Jewish People, or the High Priests.

Fox Latin America has apologized for a poll on whether Jews killed Jesus Christ that one of its staffers put on a Facebook page promoting the National Geographic Channel's Christmas special.

The poll asked readers who they think is responsible for the death of Christ: Pontius Pilate, The Jewish People or the High Priests.

The Simon Weisenthal Center in Buenos Aires calls it a defamatory reference to Vatican propaganda that "resulted in the persecution and murder of Jews for two millennia."

The Jewish group says it's outraged that Fox would perpetuate an idea that the Vatican annulled back in 1965.

Fox Spokeswoman Guadalupe Lucero apologized on behalf of National Geographic, saying the poll was removed immediately and measures have been taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

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  1. An allegedly Jewish Fox 25 Undercover producer named Kevin Rothstein creates reality television by ambushing private citizens where they work or in their communities and asking them about their pasts. This alleged Jew destroyed the career of a well respected teacher who had only done good at the school where he was a teacher and crew coach. This flies in the face of Jewish teachings about repentance, where it is understood that we have all sinned (Al chet), need to repent and turn towards doing good. It flies in the face of dishonesty as this producer has misrepresented people and facts. It flies in the face of Tikkun Olam, an effort to repair a broken world. I feel strongly that the Jewish community needs to reject the despicable acts of Kevin Rothstein and all Jews who misrepresent Jewish values.