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Monday, August 22, 2011

Wingwalker dies after fall at Michigan air show

DETROIT - A wingwalker at an air show near Detroit fell to his death on Sunday, after he tried to transfer from an aircraft to a helicopter and plunged about 200 feet to the ground, officials said.

The death of wingwalker Todd Green comes one day after an aerobatic flyer crashed and died at a Kansas City, Missouri, air show and a British Royal Air Force "Red Arrows" pilot crashed and died at an air festival on the coast of England.

Green was flying atop an aircraft at the Selfridge Air Show, less than 30 miles from Detroit, on Sunday when he fell while trying to perform a transfer to a helicopter, organizers said on a website for the event.

He was taken by ambulance to Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center, they said.

Green was pronounced dead at Mount Clemens, hospital spokeswoman Diane Kish said. She could not provide any information on the cause of death.

The Selfridge Air Show was held on Saturday and Sunday at the Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Harrison Township, Michigan.


  1. why not a parachute as backup??????? Sorry but DUH

  2. A parachute wouldn't have helped--too close to the ground.