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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Glenn Beck, Hurricane Irene is a 'blessing' from God

Glenn Beck, always the optimist.

The conservative radio host is calling Hurricane Irene and this week's East Coast earthquake a "blessing" from God.

Beck argued on his show that the events would teach people to be prepared for natural disasters. He told his audience that for years he has been urging Americans to stockpile supplies for the inevitable "global disruption in food."

"How many warnings do you think you're going to get and how many warnings do you deserve? This hurricane that is coming thorough in the East Coast, for anyone who's in the East Coast and has been listening to me say 'Food storage!' 'Be prepared!' 'Be somebody that can help others,' you've heard me say this for years," the ex-Fox News host said Friday.

He continued, "People have made fun of me. That's fine, I don't care. I've been telling you, 'Don't be in a panic situation.' If you've waited, this hurricane is a blessing. It is a blessing. It is God reminding you - as was the earthquake last week - it's God reminding you you're not in control. Things can happen. Be prepared and be someone who can help others so when disaster strikes, God forbid, you're not panicking."

Hurricane Irene hit land on the Eastern Seaboard on Saturday in North Carolina with winds topping 90 mph.

Further north, authorities readied a massive shutdown of trains and airports with 2 million people ordered to evacuate.

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  1. For those that love G-d all is for blessings, even when in our natural minds seems evil, the end is always a blessing. Thanks you Glenn for your fearless faith and trust in G-d that you have special love for Israel, our beloved tiny Country trying to show the world how they survive and blessing the world with flowers, fruits and their hard work.