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Monday, August 22, 2011

Jerusalem - ZAKA Jeep Unit On Special Mission

Jeeps festooned with dozens of balloons Photo courtesy of ZAKA

Jerusalem - The ZAKA Jeep Unit, which normally carries out search and rescue operations in difficult terrain, could be seen snaking through the Jerusalem hills, festooned with dozens of balloons, taking sick and disabled campers on an adventure jeep trail.

The children, who attend a special summer camp run by Friends for Health, enjoyed a fun day out in nature, thanks to the dedicated volunteers in the ZAKA Jeep Unit.

The fun day included a stop at the Ein Lavan spring in the Jerusalem hills, where they were hosted by the ZAKA volunteers who had prepared a feast for them, as well as popular Israeli singer Gad Elbaz, who performed an intimate concert just for the children.

The children ended the day with a visit to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem.

According to the commander of ZAKA’s Special Units, Chaim Outmazgin, who initiated the program: “We decided to devote the unit retreat day to the sick children, so our volunteers took a day off from work in order to be with the children today. We are pleased to be able to use our ZAKA jeeps for such a wonderful cause.”

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