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Thursday, April 28, 2011

'There's been a shooting': Driver 'fakes' 911 call... to stop police giving him a speeding ticket

A Florida motorist has been arrested after apparently attempting to escape a speeding ticket by making a false 911 call.

Jonathan Paul Rorech was caught driving at 45mph in a 30mph zone and was about to be handed a ticket when he allegedly made the false call to divert the approaching police officer.

The driver was pulled over at 1am on Monday in Naples, Florida, by a Sheriff's deputy, and claimed he had left his driving licence at home.

When the officer returned to his vehicle to run his details through a computer, Rorech allegedly reported a shooting in the area with a victim on the floor.

Deputies were given a report of a shooting with 'one subject on the ground' at South Street Bar & Grill in North Naples.

The emergency call was sent to the deputy, who stopped what he was doing a sped to the alleged scene, leaving Rorech to pull away in his gray Toyota.

When police arrived at the fake shooting and found no sign of trouble, officers became suspicious and allegedly traced the 911 call back to Rorech.

The officer who pulled Rorech over drove to his home and waited outside until he returned home at 2.25am.

Police then promplty arrested the motorist on suspicion of making the false 911 call and two counts of driving under a suspended licence - once while speeding and once on the way home.

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