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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DUI lawyer sues strip club after he gets drunk and spends $19k in ONE night

Legal action: DUI attorney Mark Gold is suing a Miami strip club after he got drunk and spent $18,930 on one night out

He specialises in DUI offences and boasts in a TV advert that he was going to traffic court when rival lawyers were 'still in diapers'.

But Mark Gold's sense of judgement seems to have deserted him when he spent $18,930 in one night at a strip joint in Miami.

Now the 56-year-old attorney is taking the Gold Rush club to court, saying he was so drunk staff should have stopped serving him.

The lawsuit, filed at Miami-Dade County Court, makes no mention of how the enormous bill was racked up - or how many lap dances he may have bought.

Instead, he claims staff plied him with drinks so they could charge 'excessive amounts of money to his credit card.'

He says he was so intoxicated he was unable to enter into 'lawful contracts or agreements', on the night out last November.

So Mr Gold is demanding the club's owners, Turntable Entertainment and Production Company refund all the money, plus expenses, according to a lawsuit released by the Courthouse News Service.

The lawyer has carved out a niche for himself defending DUI and speeding offences, opening specialist firm the Ticket Clinic in 1987.

On his website, he boasts the firm - which has 17 branches across Florida - has defended more than one million traffic tickets.

And, in the television advert, he urges prospective clients: 'Don't trust your driver's licence to some kid fresh out of law school.'

In the lawsuit, filed on April 18, he claims: 'Gold Rush knowingly and continuously served plaintiff alcoholic beverages to the extent that he was rendered intoxicated, partially or temporarily unconscious, and further to the extent that he had a complete loss of judgment, rational thought, or ability to enter into lawful contracts or agreements.

'Defendant knew, or should have known, of plaintiff's intoxicated state, having caused it.'

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