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Friday, April 29, 2011

Park Slope, Brooklyn, drug ring that sold $70K worth of 'Sin City' heroin to undercover cops busted

Authorities busted a dozen members of a drug ring that sold more than $70,000 in heroin to undercover cops in a leafy Brooklyn neighborhood, officials said.

Edwin Perez, 32, and two of his closest associates - Francisco Perez, 33, and Jose Trinidad, 42 - were the main suppliers for Park Slope drug dealers, authorities said. They were collared on Tuesday.

Nine others have since been arrested and also face charges of conspiracy and selling drugs, authorities said.

After his arrest, cops seized Edwin Perez's trike - a three-wheeled Can-Am Spyder motorcycle - and found about 1,400 glassines of heroin stashed in a front compartment, officials said.

Perez's helmet was inked "Sin City" - the same stamp he used on his product sold to the undercover agents, authorities said.

The local drug king often used his motorcycle to peddle drugs, officials said. Perez sometimes used his car and on one occasion, sold drugs as his preschool-aged child sat in the front seat, authorities said.

Officers for the NYPD's Narcotics Borough Brooklyn South and the Drug Enforcement Agency's New York Field Division worked together on the yearlong investigation.

Aside from the dozen defendants tied to four drug crews, authorities busted eight other suspected dealers.


  1. its funny how people like the person that wrote
    the article above can call someone a drugking
    lol.Without having the facts to back his article.
    But since the neigborhood is on the rise it sounds better when you say drugking.drugkings dont drive around with lease motorcycles or cars.
    If tou want to write about a king pin take a plane to mexico.

  2. Well written, although the article is useless without the real fact and evidence.