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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swastikas and hate messages found on L.I. home

Four young men are in custody on Long Island, after a bizarre attack on a family’s home in Suffolk County.

The message of hate was loud and clear, multiple swastikas, and profanity, was plastered on a Rocky Point home.

Police caught four teens literally wet-handed with paint, they also allegedly torched the homeowner’s car.

“I don’t understand this. I’m Italian. I’m not Jewish,” said Frank Marciano, the homeowner.

Marciano says this is no case of bias.

It’s the latest round of an escalating war against his neighbor’s son.

It may be hard to imagine images much more hateful than these.

But believe it or not, police say this is not a hate crime.

In the state of New York, police have to be able to determine the victim was targeted specifically for his religion.

Because Marciano wasn’t, experts say it’s just a nasty case of vandalism.

This afternoon, the Marciano’s started to clean up the mess, as shadowy figures watched from the windows across the street, where no one came to the door to tell Eyewitness News their side.

Now, police are trying to determine how to charge the teens.

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