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Friday, April 29, 2011

NYPD ticket-fixing probe could cripple many criminal cases, sources say

Scores of criminal cases could be jeopardized by the Bronx ticket-fixing probe, sources told the Daily News.

Prosecutors and police are worried that once the names of those charged in the scandal are released - even those hit only with NYPD disciplinary charges - that defense attorneys will pounce.

Defense attorneys will likely argue that their clients were set up by rogue cops. Or they'll simply attack officers' credibility.

Sources said the DA's office and internal affairs investigators have already begun reviewing arrests made by officers touched by the scandal - those suspected of wrongdoing and witnesses testifying before the grand jury.

At least one case is already in danger - the DWI arrest of a former Bronx prosecutor who was recently informed by the DA's office that the arresting cop had been caught on a wiretap talking about getting two summonses fixed.

Sources said other defense lawyers have been told about potential issues with arresting officers in their cases.

"Obviously, we're awaiting the results because many of the lawyers will be confronting the charged officers at trial," said former Bronx County Bar Association president Marvin Raskin, referring to the grand jury probe.

"The rule of law covers everyone, not just the average citizen."

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