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Thursday, April 28, 2011

NYPD Investigating Diddy Vehicle Escort

NYPD Investigating Diddy Vehicle Escort:

The NYPD insists that an unauthorized police escort of Sean "Diddy" Combs lasted only lasted one block -- from a theater on West 34th Street to the Lincoln Tunnel entrance.

The NYPD is investigated why on-duty cops helped Diddy's car caravan get to the tunnel.

Sources close to Diddy said he never personally made any request, although people with him did.

The entertainment mogul's former security director said that is not Diddy's style.

"I've worked with Sean for close to 20 years, and never once has he or anyone close to him asked me to call the NYPD for a special favor," said Mike Zimet, an executive protection specialist.

The NYPD would not provide us with a list of dignitaries who do qualify for escorts, but it doesn't appear that Diddy's ride did. In his case, the request came from a local businessman who said he didn't see anything wrong with asking for a favor.

Zimet said the pros would never make that mistake.

"It's astounding how many celebrities, a-list and b-list, are in the city every single day," Zimet said. "If the NYPD extended themselves to help every celebrity, they wouldn't be able to do their real job."

The NYPD did not respond to Fox 5's request for an explanation of its dignitary protection guidelines..

The department does have a program for uniformed cops to get paid by private businesses in extra duty work, but no one is saying that was the case here.

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