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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Former Miss USA Says TSA Agent "Touched My Vagina"

Former Miss USA ‘Molested’ by TSA:

DALLAS, TX — The latest report of molestation at the hands of TSA agents comes from former Miss USA Susie Castillo, whose tearful account of her experience at the Dallas Fort Worth Intl. Airport already has more than 200,000 views on YouTube.

"I'm crying because, as an American, I have to go through this," she says in the video.

Castillo said she decided to avoid the body scanner on her way back from Rio De Janeiro because she travels frequently and is concerned about radiation.

"The other line was empty, it seems like nobody wants to use that scanner or go through it," Castillo recalled. She was then approached by a Dallas Fort Worth TSA agent who tried to get her to go through the scanner, at which point she says she refused.

An older TSA agent then began her pat-down, and what happened next left Castillo in tears.

"She actually felt, touched my vagina," Castillo said. "I completely feel violated; this woman touched my vagina four times." She later added,

Castillo said that an older woman who worked for the airport attempted to comfort her as she sat crying, saying, "Well honey, you know what, I'd rather go through the scanner or get a pat-down than, you know, be blown up." In the video Castillo recalls thinking, "Okay, I guess I'm supposed to find comfort in that, but I didn't."

According to the TSA blog, invasive, physical search procedures are justified because, "There's nothing punitive about it - it just makes good security sense."

According to a CNN report, however, complaints about TSA search procedures are actually one of 70 "behavioral indicators" that help agents identify "high risk" passengers.

"I'm so upset because they're actually making me choose between getting molested, because that's what I feel like, or go through this machine that's completely unhealthy." Castillo said.

The ex-Miss USA and current model and actor says she will file grievances with the TSA and, in her video, calls on others to do the same.

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