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Sunday, April 28, 2013

NY - Jewish Couple Sued by Housing Board for Charging for Shabbat Parties

NY - A Central Park West condo board has filed a lawsuit against a Jewish Australian couple for violating condo rules by renting out their two units beyond the 30 day limit, and hosting large Shabbat dinners and cooking classes.  is reporting that the lawsuit came about after Gavin and Jodi Samuels ignored a request by the Olmstead Condominium board to address the violations, which have already resulted in a $5,500 fine against them.

According to, condo board members continued to find ads from the Samuels running on internet rental websites where Jodi affectionately refers to their units as “Camp Samuels.”
The lawsuit also claims the Samuels regularly charge $25 to $30 a person to attend Shabbat dinners, and $15 per person for cooking classes.

The suit charges that the Samuels are servicing over 1,000 customers per year, and that their guests have not only become a nuisance to their neighbors, but put added stress on the staff and the building’s elevators.

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