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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cops expected to face ticket-fixing charges tomorrow

About 20 cops and civilians are expected to face charges tomorrow stemming from the wide-spread investigation into NYPD ticket fixing, court sources said.

Those involved in the case could begin to turn themselves in as early as tonight.

The indictments have been expected for some time.

Criminal charges against the officers -- including union delegates, sergeants and possibly other high-ranking police officials -- may include obstruction, official misconduct and bribery related to lining their pockets with proceeds from drug sales.

The potential indictments are the culmination of an exhaustive three-year investigation that began with Internal Affairs Bureau cops looking into 40th Precinct Officer José Ramos and his alleged ties to drug dealers, sources have said.

Investigators caught Ramos on a wiretap talking about fixing a ticket, leading to a mushrooming probe that uncovered allegedly shady police practices.

The IAB bugged union officials, who were caught discussing fixing tickets for friends and family members.

The officers allegedly took cash, liquor and other gifts, including tickets to sporting events and, possibly, meals at expensive restaurants.

In one case, a Yankee executive saw his ticket suddenly vanish


  1. `Lets face it. These Officers work night and day for little pay because they are dedicated to US. If someone took money to fix a ticket I agree they should be disciplined. It has been the norm in this country since we were founded to "fix" things. The whole Revolutionary War was paid for with little I.O.U's signed by Haim Solomon a well respected Polish/Jewish banker. He didnt have any money to back up the I.O.U.'s . Should we posthumously indict him for fraud ?!?!

    Get real IAB go catch the guys who disrespect the job and get into drugs,guns or other unmetionables ona nice jewish site. Do not break the backs of hard working guys and gals.

  2. Get real! Most people who get cited pay their fines. Most cops do their best to follow the law. It seems to me that the few vocal cops at the Bronx Supreme Court just bring the public scorn upon themselves. They really look like morons who hide behind their badges and act like bullies either in a large group of thugs or anonymously on the Internet. Grow up and act like men! If you took a chance and ripped up tickets or the equivalent and got caught take your medicine like big fellows. Stop whining. Go home and cry to mommy! You are a disgrace to your Department.