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Monday, January 31, 2011

New start-up: Kosher clothing stores

Extreme haredi group hands out kashrut certificates to shops in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim, Geula neighborhoods

An extreme ultra-Orthodox body has established a kashrut department supervising clothing stores in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim and Geula neighborhoods.

Haredi women have begun supervising businesses in the neighborhoods on behalf of the new department, checking whether the clothes sold in the stores meet the requirements of Jewish Law. The department's findings will be published across the neighborhoods.

According to an ad issued by the Committee for the Sanctity of the Camp, many of haredi women buy clothes which do not meet proper standards, "damaging our camp's modesty."

The ad also stated, "Experience shows that there is no other way to defeat this horrible breach other than having rabbis supervise the clothes' kashrut."

The committee added that haredi women must "support the kosher stores" by buying their clothes there.

A source in the Geula neighborhood told the Yedioth Jerusalem paper and the Mynet website that some clothing stores refused to meet the new department's demands. Other businesses, however, gave in to the new rules for fear of creating a dispute with the sector's leaders, which may lead to protests outside the shops.

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  1. This is rediculous- you can buy clothing that meets the expectation of "modest" clothing at any market in Israel IF you are interested and want to buy only modest clothing. Making women confine their shopping to "kosher" clothing stores is assuming that women cannot themselves distinguish from unacceptable to acceptable clothing to cover themselves! Shame on whomever is doing this- again a sign of the inequality of women.