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Saturday, January 22, 2011

NYC Sanitation Workers Charged with Selling Drugs

NYC Sanitation Workers Charged with Selling Drugs:

NEW YORK - Three New York City Sanitation Department workers have been charged with dealing drugs.

The workers were accused of selling cocaine and oxycodone to undercover officers on Staten Island. Two are sanitation workers at the Brooklyn Garage 13 on Neptune Avenue, and another is a supervisor at a Staten Island garage.

The Staten Island district attorney's office says the men, and another woman who was not a Sanitation worker, worked together to sell drugs on dozens of occasions.

They were charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance and criminal possession.


  1. RAB (proud wife of NYC's strongest)January 26, 2011 at 11:21 AM

    My husband is a retired NYC Sanitationman BK 11.During his 20 years(thru storms, hurricanes, blizzards,95 plus degrees, etc.)the men plowed streets,highways,bridges. They were sanded, salted and plowed again (until they were black and running). In addition they picked up garbage,bulk,etc. The men and their Supervisors were hard working and dedicated. What a DISGRACE to all that do/did their job.Whose minding the store??
    RAB (proud wife of NYC's strongest)

  2. Most sanitation workers are dumb.