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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Former vice mayor of Hadera suspected of serial rape

Originally arrested on suspicion of real estate corruption, during Sami Levy's interrogation, police have come to suspect him of raping women who came to him for aid.

The former vice mayor of Hadera, Sami Levy, is suspected of raping, indecently assaulting, and in the case of one, forcibly confining, several women who came to him for aid in the capacity of his work.

Police expect that in the wake of these charges being made public, several more women will approach them with similar accusations against the former Shas official.

Levy was originally arrested on Wednesday by the Economic Crimes Unit on suspicion of having used his senior position on the Hadera City Council to advance a local real estate project that he was involved with, after an investigation lasting several months.

Over the course of his interrogation by the police, suspicions arose that Levy had committed sexual offences against women that came to him for help.

A Rishon Letzion court remanded Levy for eight days on Thursday, ruling that there is a reasonable risk that Levy committed the offences attributed to him, that additional investigations into the sex charges are necessary, and that Levy might try to disrupt the police investigation.

Levy has denied committing the offences that he has been charged with, calling the accusations 'fairy tales'.

החשד: סגן ראש העיר אנס וכלא נשים

במהלך הדיון בהארכת מעצרו של סגן ראש עיריית חדרה לשעבר מטעם ש"ס, סמי לוי, התבררה התמונה החמורה. האיש חשוד שאנס נשים, שנזקקו לעזרתו, ביצע מעשים מגונים וכלא לפחות אחת מהן. הוא גם חשוד בשוחד, כאשר קידם תוכנית בנייה שהיה שותף עסקי בה

שימו לב לחשדות הבאים: אונס, מעשים מגונים, בעילה אסורה בהסכמה, כליאת שווא וגם שוחד והפרת אמונים. את כל אלה מייחסת המשטרה לסמי לוי, שכיהן כממלא מקום וסגן ראש העיר חדרה מטעם ש"ס. מעצרו הוארך היום (ה') בשמונה ימים בבית משפט השלום בראשון לציון.

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