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Thursday, January 27, 2011

NY; Crooked city clerk jailed for tix-fix tricks

A crooked city data entry clerk -- who took thousands of dollars cash to "fix" overdue parking tickets, then just pocketed the money without paying anything off -- is going to jail for a year.

Karen Frazier, 43, promised twenty drivers that for half the value of what they owed, she'd make their fines go away -- only to leave her "customers" in worse shape, saddled with additional nonpayment penalties.

The trickster ticket fixer had written $24,000 in rubber checks to make it seem to customers who checked online that their fines were paid -- at least until the checks bounced, officials said.

Frazier had been caught in a city Department of Investigation probe, and pleaded guilty in October to charges of fraud, official misconduct and tampering with public records, said DOI commissioner Rose Gill Hearn.

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