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Monday, January 6, 2014

Drunken youths urinate on Berlin Holocaust memorial

Intoxicated youth urinated on the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in the heart of Berlin on New Year's Eve, video posted on YouTube shows

The four-minute clip, first released on Arutz Sheva, documents a group of youths drinking beers, urinating, spraying graffiti, lighting fireworks and standing on the concrete slabs. German police officers stationed there did not intervene, nor did passersby try to stop them.

Since the memorial was inaugurated in 2005, several acts of vandalism or inappropriate behavior have been reported. The 2,711 concrete slabs that comprise the memorial have become a popular tourist attraction and site for photo ops. Children have played hide and seek or hopped over the slabs, while others visitors have been spotted lying on them to suntan, and couples have been seen fooling around on the slabs as well.

Peter Eisenman, the Jewish American architect who designed the memorial, rejected having tight security around the memorial when it opened, according to reports.

Years ago, he said it would not disturb him if the memorial became a target for graffiti artists. In an interview with German weekly news magazine Stern, Eisenman said, "there are these destructive feelings once in a while...but we cannot keep everything squeaky clean. That would be the same behavior as in the 1930s."

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