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Sunday, January 26, 2014

PA - Lawyer For Parents In Pittsburgh Bris-Gone-Bad Says Government Needs To Regulate Prodecure

Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg

PA - The attorney representing a Pittsburgh couple suing their mohel over a botched bris says he believes the state government should indeed start regulating and overseeing the medical aspect of the ritual. reports that Attorney Neil R. Rosen, who’s representing the couple in their case against mohel Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg, said he understands the complexity of the issue, as well as the unpopularity of his position amongst many in the Jewish community, but despite that, it is time for government oversight.

“I think that mohels or any non-medically trained individual who is going to do a circumcision should be regulated by the state in terms of their competence, their education, their technique, their sterility, everything you do during a circumcision,” Rosen said, while adding, “I know it’s controversial.”

Rosen went onto say that he in no way is suggesting any form of government oversight in regard to prayers and location of the bris, but that it is a responsible decision to have the state oversee the rite’s medical procedures.

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