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Monday, January 27, 2014

Israel - Religious Leaders Call On Yeshiva Heads To Do More To Keep Students Enrolled

On the heels of the brutal slaying of a 17 year-old former yeshiva student in Bnei Brak last weekend, religious leaders are calling on yeshiva heads to do everything they can to keep students enrolled.

ISRAELNATIONALNEWS Reports that, according to sources, the aunt of the victim in last week’s slaying repeatedly reached out to yeshiva heads to give her nephew a second chance after being expelled, but that her appeals fell on deaf ears.

Sources report that the aunt said her nephew ” begged for a second chance,” but was turned down, forcing here to write in her letter to the yeshiva head that they need not “try to solve the problem by expelling the child from the institution. You know that thousands of former yeshiva students are going around with nothing to do.”

Along those lines, religious leaders issued a statement saying that, “Yeshiva heads need to understand that they are dealing with people’s lives. Human souls are in their hands – no less.”

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