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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dutch ask Israel to extradite teacher accused of sexual abuse, an Orthodox Jewish school in Amsterdam

The Dutch public prosecution department is requesting a man living in Israel and suspected of sexually abusing minors at Cheider, an Orthodox Jewish school in Amsterdam where he taught, be extradited by Israel.

According to the Dutch News, the teacher, Ephraim S., denies allegations against him. His lawyer claims he will resist the extradition back to The Netherlands. He moved to Israel a year and a half ago after being fired in Amsterdam for "inappropriate behavior," and has been tutoring here.

The Cheider school in Amsterdam has 200 students aged two-18 and lessons are separate for boys and girls. Accordign to the report after S engaged in inappropirate sexual conduct with a 16-year old pupil and other students have come forward since he was dismissed.

The school has not issued any comments.

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