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Monday, January 6, 2014

Menachem Stark Business Partner Israel “Sam” Perlmutter, Fears He’s Next

A day after the charred body of a prominent Hasidic real estate developer was identified in a smoking trash bin on Long Island, more than a thousand mourners gathered for his funeral in the heart of Hasidic Williamsburg. 

They grieved for the man they called a pillar of his synagogue and his community, a father of eight who had been quick to donate and quick to lend.

York Post reported: Israel “Sam” Perlmutter fears for his life because of his close business dealings with Stark, which date back at least a decade and have involved multimillion-dollar deals that went south, said a source close to the victim’s family.

Perlmutter is “loaded up with security guards,” said another source in the Satmar Hasidic community. “Everyone was talking in the synagogue that he’s afraid he’s next.”
Daily News reported: “He was a good man, and he helped everyone,” said the slain man’s brother. “You know how people are. They’re looking for gossip. . . . People are jealous because he was successful.”
NYT reported: An autopsy found that Mr. Stark died from asphyxiation, indicating that he had probably been suffocated; his other injuries included bruises on his neck and back, and burn marks on his torso and hands, the police said. No arrests had been made by Sunday evening.

Daily News reported: “It looked like someone (shot him with a Taser) because he suddenly buckled down,” the manager said, adding that police viewed the video Thursday and then returned Sunday to take it away.

Detectives are looking into the possibility that the married father of eight was having an affair, a separate source who spoke with investigators told The News.

York Post reported: Israel Perlmutter’s mom said that he was “shocked, shocked, shocked” by the Stark’s murder.

“His wife is very uncomfortable,” the mom, Hannah Perlmutter, said. “You don’t feel comfortable that such things could happen in your business. It’s very scary.”

Daily News reported: Menachem Stark was charged with forcible touching in 2011 when undercover cops arrested him on the subway in Midtown, accusing him of rubbing against a woman.

But the alleged victim said Stark was innocent and refused to sign a supporting affidavit, his lawyers told The News. Manhattan prosecutors later dropped the charge, and Stark filed to sue the city, lawyers George and Michael Farkas said. He settled the case for a payout in 2012, they added.

York Post reported: A law-enforcement source said surveillance video shows that Stark, 39, fought for nearly five minutes with the two assailants who attacked him as he left his Rutledge Street office during Thursday night’s blizzard and shoved him into a light-colored Dodge minivan.

Newsday repoted: Investigators are looking into Stark's finances and whether he borrowed money from the "wrong people," or whether a former employee may have been involved, said the source, who was briefed on the investigation. According to the source, Stark had fired several employees, without notice or explanation.

York Post reported: Stark’s past included the alleged groping of a woman’s buttocks aboard a crowded Manhattan subway car in 2011, but his lawyer, Michael Farkas, told The Post that the charges were dropped and that Stark even got a settlement from the city over the case.

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