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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Menachem Stark False Information

Here is some false information that was delivered by, Media, NYPD, and others:

* Russian Mafia responsible for his death.

* Picture of Russian suspect arrested at JFK Airport.

* Detectives are looking into the possibility Stark was targeted for a professional hit ordered by one of his many creditors, sources said.

* Newly released surveillance footage shows the thug parking the white Dodge Caravan with Ohio license plates that was used in the kidnapping and murder

* NYPD are looking into the possibility that the van used in the abduction of Stark may have been rented in Borough Park or Park Slope

* What happened to the minivan that no cameras caught going from Brooklyn to Great Neck?

* Three European contractor killers. Descriptions of his abductors “led us to believe that the suspects are not American. They could be from out of the country, possibly Europe,” one source said, declining to elaborate further.

* Killers left the country.

* NYPD/ Stark was charged with forcible touching in 2011 when undercover cops arrested him on the subway in Midtown, accusing him of rubbing against a woman.

* NYPD Captain found the minivan in Brooklyn with Pennsylvania plates/no arrests were made.

* Menachem Stark likely killed over a $20,000 debt: NYPD

* Police eye contractor owed $20K in slumlord’s murder/no arrests were made.

* NYPD a cell phone was found strapped underneath Menachem Stark’s car that was apparently being used as a tracking device. Police are trying to find the phone’s registered owner.

* GPS led to the contractor guy/no arrests were made.

* The unidentified man — one of two caught on surveillance video violently snatching Menachem “Max” Stark during Thursday night’s blizzard — was spotted in Williamsburg as early as Dec. 19, sources said.

* The killers followed him 10 days before they killed him, do you believe people hired someone to follow him 24/7 for $20k?

* Owed 60 million dollars in debt to banks, but banks don’t hire killers.

* He was accidently killed by the killers, they didn’t intend on killing him at the time that he died So why did they burn his fingers?

* According to the medical examiner, Menachem Stark was killed by compression asphyxiation, also known as strangulation or smothering.

* His mouth was covered in duct tape/cause of death.

* His face was covered in a ski mask, only 150 of that kind was sold in the US.

* The media claims that Mr. Stark was a slumlord, but it’s hard to believe that his tenants killed him.

* Investigators probing the kidnap and murder of a deep-in-debt Brooklyn landlord are taking a closer look at his ties to a shady Chicago bank, sources told the DN.

* Police are looking at whether Stark had borrowed money from criminals/Newsday

* The day of his abduction he received $500k.

* The police were only contacted by the family and by Shomrim hours after his abduction, at that time Shomrim had all video footage of the abduction. Was all the video footage from shomrim given to the NYPD?

* Stark's brother is offering a $100,000 reward for information that cracks the case.

* The family offered $100k to anyone with information on his abduction on the first day, but then only offered $25k to anyone who had information that would lead to the killers.

* Someone drew 1.2 million dollars from his account/no arrests were made.

* Menachem Stark didn’t leave behind a will/NYDN

* Who benefits from his life insurance?

* Who benefits from him being dead and not being able to talk to anyone?

There are many other questions that all have no answers. However someone is responsible for this horrible crime that killed Menachem Stark. Don’t under estimate the killer this was an insider and a very close person to Menachem Stark.

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