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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Denmark - Police complaint filed against former Shin Bet chief

Carmi Gillon

Former Shin Bet security agency Director Carmi Gillon was forced to prematurely end a trip to Copenhagen to promote the film "The Gatekeepers" on Saturday after a police complaint was filed against him.

The demand for Gillon's arrest was made by a pro-Palestinian organization after hearing that the film was set to be screened at a Jewish film festival in Denmark's capital. "The Gatekeepers" includes interviews with several former Shin Bet heads who speak about the agency's dealings over the years.

Danish publications reported that Gillon would take part in the screening, drawing attention to his presence and leading to the police complaint, in which local extreme left-wing leaders cited "torture" in which Gillon was supposedly involved while serving as Shin Bet head.

Unsure how the police would proceed with the complaint, he decided to leave Denmark. However, Danish police quickly stated they would not move forward with the complaint due to lack of evidence.

The incident marks yet another attempt by pro-Palestinian organizations to sabotage the trips of Israeli leaders abroad.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said, "Extremist groups that are trying to silence people, stifle freedom of expression and to intimidate are behind the complaint. These same groups are trying to conceal from the public in Copenhagen the complex reality that Israel faces on a daily basis in order to maintain its security and democratic character in the best possible way."

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