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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Brooklyn, NY - DA Thompson Hires Former Rival Candidate Abe George

Abe George

Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn’s new District Attorney Kenneth Thompson has hired his former Democratic rival, Abe George, as deputy bureau chief of the DA Narcotics Investigations Bureau.

The NEW YORK POST reports that the move is not completely unexpected, as it was George’s exit from the race that ultimately sealed a landslide victory for Thompson over incumbent Charles “Joe” Hynes.

Back in July, strategists for Thompson acquired data showing that George and Thompson were at risk of splitting the vote, possibly handing Hynes a seventh term, but after sharing sessions between campaigns-as well as discussions between George and Thompson George abruptly quit the race and joined team-Thompson.

“The percentage shows that my dropping out puts us over the top. I knew we were going to split the vote,” George said at the time.

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