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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Four Palestinians arrested for rape of minor in central Israel

Police opened investigation into the case after the child's older brother filed a complaint following a change in the boy's behavior.

Four Palestinians who were working in Israel illegally were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly sexually assaulting and raping a young boy in a central Israel city for over two months.

The child's school informed his older brother that his behavior had recently changed and that they had noticed marks on his body.

The brother filed a complaint with the police who opened an investigation, during which the child testified that during the past two months he had been abused by the four men who work in an events hall in central Israel.

The four allegedly encouraged him to go to their apartment in the city in return for sweets and money. The child also claimed that the four allegedly raped him and abused him repeatedly.

The four were brought before the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court to extend their remand. The court has issued a gag order on further details.


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