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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rocket explodes in Ashdod

Altogether six rockets fired from Gaza Thursday in further escalation of violence in south. One rocket apparently lands in open space in city; number of residents suffer shock. Spooked residents send dozens of Red Emails

rocket alarm was sounded in Ashdod and neighboring towns Thursday afternoon following fire from the Gaza Strip. One rocket apparently exploded in open spaces in the city.

A number of residents suffered shock, and Ynet received dozens of Red Emails saying loud explosions had been heard in the city. Since the morning altogether six rockets have been fired at southern Israel.

Galit Harari, who resides in the nearby town of Gan Yavne, told Ynet about her moments of terror. "We heard a loud alarm and ran to

the fortified room. Some heard a boom," she said.

Omri Atiach from Ashdod told Ynet, "We all ran scared to the bomb shelters and the entire city shook from the explosion. It was certainly very big and very scary. I'm a student, and there's no way I can study. I can't go on this way. You don't know where it will catch you, you can't sit still. It takes me back to two years ago. People panic and go quiet – it's scary."

A Qassam rocket fired from Gaza exploded in open spaces in Shaar HaNegev Regional Council earlier Thursday, causing no injuries or damage. A short while later a rocket was fired at Eshkol Regional Council. It has not yet been found.

Meanwhile Palestinian medical sources reported that the IDF had fired tank shells into eastern Gaza, injuring one, but the army rejected the claim.

School in Beersheba and Ashdod was canceled Thursday due to the attacks, but Ashkelon Municipality insisted on holding classes as usual despite parents' objections. Many children were sent home due to sparse attendance in class.

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