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Friday, January 3, 2014

Menachem Stark Relatives Call For Volunteers

A Satmar Brooklyn real estate developer was duct-taped and kidnapped by two men in a minivan Thursday night near the Williamsburg Bridge, police and family members said.

Menachem ‘’Max’’ Stark, 38, was whisked into a light-colored van as he left his Rutledge street office just before midnight, according to the missing man’s brothers, who said they reviewed videotape from Stark’s Southside Associates building after he didn’t return home.

‘’We saw two people fighting with him, and they put him into a  big white van,  a Dodge Caravan,’’ Yitzy, 30, told The Post.

He and another brother, Yoely,  described Menachem’s alleged captors as ‘’big’’ and ‘’black.

Stark was believed to be carrying a large amount of cash. Public records show Stark has a string of debt and  foreclosures, and Internet complaint boards are full of rants from tenants about lousy conditions in the Brooklyn buildings he operates.

But his brother, Yitzy, said there were no threats made against Menachem, or anything else suspicious, preceding his disappearance.

‘’He was supposed to come home at 11:30 pm and he didn’t,’’ Yitzy said. ‘’We knew he was over at his office.’’

But calls to Stark’s cellphone ‘’went straight to voicemail.’’

‘’That was the first indication something was wrong,’’ Yitzy said. He and others went over to the office, and discovered Stark gone, with his black Lexus LX570 SUV still parked outside.

‘’We knew something was wrong at that point.’’

Stark’s wife, Bashie,  initially called the neighborhood Orthodox Jewish patrol to report him missing.
The NYPD took over the investigation about two hours later.

Property records show Stark has a string of foreclosures – including one in October, 2013 – and a $1.3 million judgement against him.

Yitzky said he is willing to put up a  $100,000 reward for the safe return of his brother.

‘’Let’s hope he’s still alive,’’ he said.

He described his 5-foot-7, 185 pound sibling as ‘’a very nice person, very calm.’’

‘’He always has good things to say.’’

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