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Thursday, February 28, 2013

NY - Woman watches $11K fall from Brink's armored truck onto road — and she hands it all back

What would you have done?

When $11,000 in coins and bills dropped onto mom-of-four Pat Wesner's car, she decided honesty was the best policy — and handed it all over to cops.

The upstate New Yorker was driving to work in her Toyota Sequoia on Tuesday morning when an armored Brink's armored security truck hit a bump in the road and showered her with the cash.

With the driver unaware of his "gift," Wesner stopped at the scene, just outside of Salem.

She immediately dialed 911, and then helped state trooper Kevin Saunders scoop up every last penny and bill.

The pair later posed for a picture alongside the bounty.

"We were both laughing, picking up money off the ground, and I said, 'I can't even put $1 in my pocket without feeling guilty about it,'" Wesner told Fox 23. "It's not my money."

Wesner, who has a daughter and three sons — one of whom is mentally disabled and lives at home — said most people would have done what she did. She also manages the not-for-profit Pember Museum in Granville.

Coincidentally, she admitted that she had fantasized about "money pouring out" as the truck passed her on the empty stretch of Route 22.

But at no point did she ever consider taking any of the loot, which Brinks admitted they didn't even know had gone missing but thanked her for returning.

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