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Friday, February 22, 2013

Tracking your teen's every move: an app for that

NEW YORK  - Teenage Tracker is a new app being developed by a company called Pure App Studio. It is already drawing plenty of critics before it even hits the market.

Tech expert Shelly Palmer says Teenage Tracker goes beyond just a paranoid parent checking in on their kid.

"If you're a parent that feels you need this kind of observational excellence around your child you have so many other problems it's not even funny," Palmer says.

Nor is the topic about invasion of privacy one that civil rights attorney Normal Siegel says is raised by the Teenage Tracker app.

"The question becomes with this modern technology," Siegel says, "will husbands and wives start monitoring each other? Employers start monitoring employees?"

The Teenage Tracker is in its testing phase, but will soon be on the market for Android-powered phones.

Our messages to Pure App Studio were not returned. But the co-founders posted a video, saying their creation is not invasive and is strictly for parents to monitor their children.

Theoretically, anyone who knows how to use an Android, or any cell phone, can spot the app running and delete it.

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