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Monday, May 28, 2012

Massive search for missing American tourist in Israel.

Herman Kuehn

An ongoing police search for a missing American tourist widened on Monday far beyond the Bet She'an area, where the 80-year-old man was last seen.

Herman Kuehn, of Missouri, was last seen at 12:00 p.m. on Friday at the site of ancient ruins in Bet She'an. His wife and fellow tourists have since lost contact with him, sparking a large-scale ground police search backed by a helicopter.

We've widened the search to other areas, including Tiberius, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and other tourist attraction centers," Beit She’an police station chief, Dep.-Cmdr. Ran Ofir, told The Jerusalem Post Monday.

Ofir said police search teams, which included police on horseback, Border Police, and IDF soldiers have fully covered the immediate area around the archaeological site, adding that he now believes Kuehn may have boarded a bus to another destination in the country.

"His health was generally good. He did however have an accident a few years ago which resulted in him being confused at times," said Rev. Mike Graves, one of two seminary professors leading a group of American seminarians and church members around the country.

Graves explained that contrary to an earlier police report, Kuehn had not suffered a stroke, "although his symptoms would resemble that. Bottom line, he may not approach people for help."

Kuehn's wife, Mary, and the other tour group members "are holding up as best they can. She of course appreciates everyone's love and prayers," Graves added.

Graves asked readers of this story to post it on Facebook, adding that he hoped it could help the search efforts.

Kuehn was last seen wearing a white shirt and khaki-colored pants. He has white hair, and a hearing aid.

"We are very concerned about his well-being," said Dep.-Cmdr Ofir. "The search continues."

Body of Missing American Tourist Found Near Beit She'an

The body of an American tourist, who went missing early Friday afternoon, was discovered near Beit Shean.

Herman Kuehn, 80, of Platte County, Missouri, got separated from his group on May 26, while visiting historic sites in the area. His body was discovered in an industrial zone north of the city on Tuesday.

According to reports, there were no signs of violence or foul play.

Spokesman for the Israeli police, Micky Rosenfeld, described efforts to find Kuehn as a “wide-scale search.”

Kuehn and his wife, Mary, were visiting Israel on a tour with the St. Paul School of Theology, a local Missouri television station reported.

Kuehn had suffered a head injury several years ago and often became confused, the family told Israeli media.

The Kuehn family issued a statement expressing “sincere thanks for all the prayers and concerns for our loved one.”

“Thank you all and to all involved in our search,” the family said in the statement.

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