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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Deborah Feldman at the Citi Field Asifa Protest


  1. Kudos to Debbie,
    She is an honest woman expressing her heartfelt opinions. As opposed to most pratcing Jews who hide their true feelings and just go with the flow. The whole Asifa gathering is, was, and will forever be a farce. You do not have to make a spectical of practicing Jews. Observe your belief and customs and keep the Rabbis lectures in Yeshivos and shuls.
    Intstead of wasting so many millions of dollars on prpoganda, imagine how many poor families could have benfited had the money been spent in ernest. The entire "Gedolim" meeting is just one silly sheep following the other. OMG how can I be left out, what will my peers say about me? Wake up and smell the coffee. If you truly believe and practice Judaism, " DO ONTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE THEM TO DO TO YOU" Brooklyn DA Hynes will force all these "IMMITATION" Rabbis into becoming honest and respectable citizens. Report to the proper athorities, where there is smoke there fire. If someone is truly innocent, and suspected falsely they will be aquitted. Why the fear?

    Concerned Parent

  2. RIGHT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DEBBIE is 100% Correct, the Rabbis fear that the world will know. Sexual abuse is not restricted to Catholic Priests, it is not a religious sickness. Pedophilia is a mental illness to which Jews, Arabs, White, Black,
    anyone with the illness will commit a crime.

  3. Read this and cry for the corrupt Rabbis

    Protecting the unholiest sinners
    Andrea Peyser• New York Post

    There exists in this city a group of unparalleled perverts that’s wrapped in Teflon — more resistent to charges of sexual exploitation than John Travolta.

    I’m not talking about Hollywood nimrods or Catholic priests, but a sect not generally associated with serious crime — ultra-Orthodox Jews.

    A scandal of epic proportions is brewing in Brooklyn as District Attorney Charles Hynes uses kid gloves to handle creeps and demons charged with, or convicted of, sexual abuse that too often brutalizes children.

    While monsters of other faiths are paraded in shame through the public square, Hynes this week refused to reveal the identities of Hasidic scumbags.

    Some of the deviants committed crimes from rape to sodomy to incest in sex attacks on kids.

    Some have enjoyed sweet plea deals. Others are out there as we speak — preying on the weak in blessed anonymity.

    “We’re talking about thousands upon thousands of victims,’’ said Ben Hirsch, co-founder and president of Survivors for Justice — and a Brooklyn-bred Orthodox Jew.

    “He is very reluctant to prosecute these cases and only does it when forced to by the media spotlight.

    “He’s made a pact with the devil.’’

    So mothers — are your babies at risk from men wearing yarmulkes and side curls?

    Hynes, who enjoys lavish support in the ultra-Jewish community, admits he treats people of the chosen faith differently.

    “I departed from the policy of identifying defendants,’’ Hynes told me. “The reason is that, within days, people within this relentless community would identify the victims. Then, the intimidation would start.’’

    Sexual-assault victims, especially kids, said Hynes “would be thrown out of summer camp, arranged marriages would be stopped. Kicked out of the yeshivahs. It’s the only community that has this kind of problem.

    “If the Amish were living in Brooklyn,’’ he said, “maybe I’d have something like that.”

    Hynes’ chief of sex crimes against children, Rhonnie Jaus, said her office has prosecuted 97 Jewish pervs since instituting Kol Tzedek — or “Voice of Justice’’ — three years ago.

    “We treat these cases very aggressively,’’ Jaus said.

    But advocates for victims call that politically motivated rubbish.

    Awarding perpetrators anonymity “runs counter to the fundamental concept of Megan’s Law’’ — which requires sex offenders to be identified publicly, said Hirsch.

    “Society can only protect itself from child molesters if it knows their names,’’ Hirsch said.

    One such deviant is Michael Sabo, a 38-year-old nurse who got a 20-year-to-life sentence this week after he admitted molesting a Hasidic boy and girl over several years. The girl’s family was threatened in synagogue by Sabo supporters, who vowed to pack the courtroom if she testified.

    Still, Sabo’s name became public only after he was hauled into court. Why did Hynes protect the perv?

    Here’s a real head-scratcher: Hynes declined to give out the name of a sex offender — who failed to register as a sex offender! This negligence deprived the Orthodox community of a tool to protect its young.

    The media rooted out the man’s name anyway.

    The Orthodox community is alone in policing itself — sometimes to horrifying results. Last year, 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky disappeared in Borough Park, but his mom didn’t call the cops. She called Brooklyn South Shomrim, an unarmed and untrained civilian patrol.

    Cops were finally called by the boy’s dad nearly three hours after Leiby vanished. It was too late. Leiby’s dismembered body was found in the freezer of mad man Levi Aron, and in a nearby Dumpster.

    “This is a community that operates under a parallel justice system right under Charles Hynes’ nose, with Shomrim in place of the police and religious tribunals/rabbinical courts in place of the criminal- justice system,’’ said a source within the Jewish community.

    The only way to thwart crime is with daylight. Orthodox Jews cannot be allowed to live in shadow.…

  4. vee vill kontinu too molest everybody in de holy mikva